Why a ministry campaign?


Select a question below to find out more about the campaign.

How were these four ministries chosen; Why weren’t other ministries chosen?

May I designate my gift to one or more of the ministries (or “I don’t believe in one of the ministries, how can I keep my gift from going there”)?

May I make my gift through my local church, or do I have to send my gift to the Presbytery?

How will funds be invested, administered and managed?

Who will make decisions as to how the funds will be received and disbursed?

Who is making and how are the decisions made that relate to how much each ministry receives of the non-designated gifts?

What happens if the campaign raises more money than the goals that were outlined?

What happens if the campaign does not raise enough commitments for budgeted amounts?

What group makes ongoing decisions about when to release money out of draw-down or endowment funds? Who evaluates the requests and on what basis will they evaluate them?

Are the people making such decisions (above) able to say "no" in some situations, even when that is hard to do?

What happens to the funds if the foreign countries or ministries destabilize or if one of the ministries proves impossible to accomplish?

Don’t other presbyteries support these ministries (like Camp Grier)? Why aren’t they being approached?

How much is being spent on fundraising costs of the campaign?

Doesn’t the Presbytery have a lot of money in reserve now? Why not use some of that money instead of raising more?

Is any of this campaign money going toward the General Assembly or the Synod or to the Presbytery for staffing?

Why is the Presbytery conducting this campaign and siphoning off money when so many churches are struggling?

“Where there is no vision, the people perish”- so says the Bible.

Your Presbytery [PWNC], as the vital connecting link between its 109 congregations, has the responsibility of promoting that Vision – by helping its congregations work together to achieve far more than any one church could ever hope to do alone.

Carefully listening to its people, the Presbytery of Western North Carolina has designed a Vision of four empowering Ministries, which will be funded by a Presbytery-wide campaign. The Vision is to better train its leadership, strengthen the relationship between pastors and congregations, and enable them to reach out more effectively to those seeking spiritual growth, including youth, and the needy in the world.

In a balanced campaign, the PWNC will be seeking support for two local Ministries – Vital Churches, and Camp Grier – and two Ministries abroad – Malawi, and Guatemala. This response to the Lord Jesus’ commands to “make disciples” and “tend my sheep” will reinforce the unity of God’s people in the PWNC and show Christ’s practical love to all.

Vital Churches Ministry: Our Vision is that all congregations will be energized by inspiring new ways of worshipping the eternal God, will have leaders trained in proclaiming the Gospel in relevant and meaningful terms, will take advantage of modern technologies that are commonly used in daily life, and will find additional ways of reaching out with the love of Christ to all people in their community.

Essential Goal $509,500

Malawi Ministry: Our Vision builds on the remarkable progress made by the physicians and health care professionals at Nkhoma Hospital, including our Missionary, Barbara Nagy M.D., who has reduced the newborn mortality rate in Nkhoma by 75%. It is to: (1) launch a major preventative health program into rural areas, with nine satellite clinics and a mobile unit, (2) provide sustained support to the Ebenezer Institute of Learning, a school for both the children of hospital personnel and Malawians, who may be the future leaders of their country, and (3) create a medicine fund to cover chronic shortfalls in essential medications.

Essential Goal: $1,000,000

Camp Grier Ministry: Our Vision is an increase in adventure-based opportunities for all ages, coupled with parallel facility upgrades, that will enable this Ministry to become one of the premier Church camps in the USA, providing memorable and affordable camping experiences for children, youth, adults, and families of all backgrounds, along with attractive and meaningful activities that promote Christian spiritual formation.

Essential Goal: $500,500

Guatemala Ministry: Our Vision, building on 20 years of church-to-church partnership that has significantly addressed basic health needs and promoted children’s primary education, is to provide new scholarships that will send qualified young people to good local high schools, universities, and seminaries as a proven way to triumph over endemic poverty.

Essential Goal: $240,000

These four Ministries have achieved marvelous results in the past. But now each stands on the threshold of yet greater service to Christ and his Church. Faithful to this Vision, the PWNC has confidently embraced a two-year campaign to raise the $2.25 million to fund these essential opportunities for more meaningful Christian service. All these projects have been carefully examined for their sustainability. Each project will be closely supervised during its implementation and all monies will be strictly accounted for, with regular reports to the PWNC.

2015 will feature a “quiet phase,” during which individual major donors will be contacted to pledge in varied ways. In 2016, the campaign will “go public,” and congregations, as well as other individuals, will be encouraged to make whatever contributions seem appropriate. These gifts can focus on one or more, or all, of the four Ministries, and can be sent through their church or directly to the PWNC. Should, in God’s grace, more than $2.25 million be raised, each Ministry has identified and prioritized additional projects that address future needs. These can be seen in the more complete Ministry Development Plan.

This Ministry campaign is for the spiritual nurture of God’s children, the strengthening of the faithful, reaching the unchurched, educating people out of poverty, and literally saving human lives. “Look around you,” says our Lord, “and see how the fields are ripe for harvesting.” These four life-giving Ministries are calling our Presbytery to help them bring in a mighty harvest for the Lord!

To God alone be the Glory!

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